Wednesday, September 17, 2008

All Families Are Fucked Up ... Aren't They?

A brief list of some fucked up things that have happened in my family:

1. The rumor in the family is that this crazy great-uncle, "Elmer" is a child molester. As kids when we'd go camping at a family reunion at the lake and "Elmer" was there - the parents were on Lock Down and Eagle Eye Watch. We didn't know it at the time. But I remember my parents made us sleep in the back of a station wagon (with the doors locked) instead of  in a tent. I remember being woken in my sleep one night because some guy had used a knife to slash open a tent where other young girls (not in our fucked up family) were sleeping. The girls screamed, chaos ensued, car lights and flash lights were on everywhere, police showed up and the man was not located. The story mill in the family churned out that my grandmother (Elmer's sister) hid him in her RV and she shuttled him out of the area by hiding him in a car trunk the next day. He fit the description to a TEE. Crazy fucker. I saw him at my grandmother's funeral and wouldn't hug him - not going to give him the benefit of him feeling my tits against his chest. Shudder.

2. My aunt gambled away every penny my grandmother had to her name when my grandmother had Alzheimer's. Oh now this is a story for its own post. Karma is a bitch - trust me.

3. I have a sister who pretends to play the good Doctor's wife, while she barely holds onto her part-time job as Director of Nursing for a hospital. At home she ignores her children, sleeps for DAYS, has her husband doing everything in the home - cooking, cleaning, taking care of kids and working full time. One time me and my mother went to her house because she was so far in a depression she was on the verge of losing it entirely. We sacked up 19 NINETEEN large Hefty lawn bags full of shit. Dog and cat piss and shit everywhere. The kids were sleeping on filthy sheets, wearing filthy clothes - oh my god, had child services entered that filthy mess they would've removed the children pronto. She hadn't reconciled her checkbook in over a year and was bouncing checks left and right. I took over her finances and finally got her caught up on her mortgage, bills, filed insurance claims for the kids medical stuff - omg, this took almost 6 months. This was before she married the good doctor. I don't know how she landed him and I don't know why he puts up with her shit. I think she's manic-depressive... she's either way up, pretending to be supermom or she's waaaaay down. 

4. This same sister used to live in the same town I do - several hours away from my parents and other siblings. For YEARS I saw her hysteria and manic-depressive episodes. For YEARS, I was the one bailing her out of shit, helping her, watching the kids, etc. When she got divorced and said she was moving to where my parents lived - I did a happy dance. I told her ex-husband I would support his side in court for getting custody of the children, because I knew how she neglected them. Not physically abused them - just ignored the shit out of them, like they weren't even there. My parents threw a FUCKING FIT when they heard about this and the only time in my life my Mom and Dad both literally screamed at me and told me that we take care of our own and how dare I do this to a family member and if I go through with this I am no longer a member of this family and not to ever, EVER, enter their house again. I was beside myself - torn. Do I be the voice of reason to make sure these kids are taken care of and alienate my entire family or do I fold? After agonizing contemplation and I can't stress the agonizing part enough - I folded. She was moving to their neck of the woods and I knew the kids wouldn't fall through the cracks - there's more family there than just me here and this way they would see what I have seen all these years. They would know the shit I put up with. And they did. My dad apologized to me - and later, my mother did. The kids - they're a mess, a bundle of their own little disorders and it is sad, sad, sad. OMG - I have so much more to vent about this.

5. My biological father, we'll call him "Sperm Donor" was an abusive alcoholic. It took 10 years for my mother to pull her head out of her ass and leave the bastard. She managed as best as she could with four young children and no education. Thank God she married my stepdad - after that our childhood was rosy and he's MY DAD as far as I am concerned. They have been married for 33 years now. Back to Sperm Donor. He didn't pay child support and we didn't see him after they divorced, except for a couple of times. He remarried and lived an alcoholic life with an alcoholic second wife. I found him when I was 26 - I wanted my medical information from his side of the family. He wanted to try to rekindle some kind of father-daughter relationship, play "Grandpa" - but I had my daughter call him by his first name - he didn't earn the title of Grandpa. Asshole. I got what I wanted - satisfaction of seeing him miserable, the medical information and I have no need to ever see him again. Closure. He can die a lonely, miserable, old, pathetic excuse for a man. 

This is a good start. Ahhh - the freedom to be able to get it out. I love this blog.

Blogbitch #1 - OUT


Blogbitch # 2 said...

Ewww... creepy like Uncle Albert in "Tommy". We're so sorry Uncle Albert, but we're going to have to kill you because you are just fucked up.

Hey, when there's a lot of kids in the family, someone has to be the crazy one. Guess your sister got picked, eh? Be glad it wasn't you. Hellfire, sometimes I think it would be funsies to go loopy off the old deep end, but I was born sane. However, Mr. BM is working on driving me off the deep end. He didn't want me to walk.

Holy Crappers said...

I am glad you got that off your chest......and didnt have to pry great uncle Elmer off it.

And the sister...maybe the Doc hub medicates her so he doesnt have to put up with her.